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Gary Marx
CEO & Founder
Gary has run 10,000+ A|B tests over the last decade in Conversion Rate Optimization. An early employee at Optimizely, he notably ran testing for CNN, Disney, & ABC. He's founded multiple companies, grown with two of Y-Combinator's top companies, and grown a Shopify store to over $30 million.

Fun Facts: Gary plays a halo hand pan and  bakes two loaves of Sourdough every other week. He finds it's the best bread to take on hikes and backpacking trips.
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Anna Sours
CRO Strategist
Anna brings a data-driven, collaborative approach to CRO strategy. She blends her experience in technical data analysis with an understanding of each brand’s unique needs. With a background in sociology, intercultural communication, and education, Anna focuses on turning data into insights that drive strategic outcomes.

Fun facts: Anna started Denver’s premier acoustic Spanglish duet cover band and loves to bake from home with the bakery name, Sours’ Dough.
Mark Bacong Image
Mark Bacong
Project Manager
Mark has been in project management for almost a decade.  He managed complex projects, coordinating tasks and resources in highly complex, global construction projects. He ensured smooth flow throughout the project, and empowered the team to exceed stakeholder expectations.

Fun facts: Mark bakes cookies in batches of 100's, wraps them up and you'd be shocked to learn they're made by a hobbyist.
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